TikTok says you are visiting too often

You Are Visiting Too Frequently TikTok: What It Means & How To Fix It

Did you get an unknown “You are visiting too frequently”? In this post, you will get what really is behind the message, what you can do to fix you are visiting too frequently issue on TikTok. 

To prevent it from happening again you should also know the likely causes for it, so a few will be listed.

If interested, continue reading.

What Is You Are Visiting Too Frequently TikTok?

 What does it mean when TikTok says you are visiting our service too frequently? 

You may have spent the whole weekend browsing TikTok or just stopped by a few times to check up on For You feed. Does this really mean you are visiting TikTok too often? 

Of course not, as TikTok would only benefit from the active use of the platform. 

Seeing the “You are visiting too frequently. Try again later” message means your IP address has been blocked. 

You see the visiting often TikTok alert when you are trying to sign back into an existing TikTok account.

The reasons are many, and we will be looking into each of them below. 

For now, let’s learn what we can do to fix the issue.

How To Fix You Are Visiting Too Frequently TikTok

In short, to fix the “visiting too often” issue on TikTok, you can:

✔️ Try accessing your TikTok account from another device. If you are on mobile, try to login through a web browser on tiktok.com – login;

✔️ Switch the network, connecting to another Wi-Fi, for example. You can also switch off your Wi-Fi and use mobile data to access the Internet. 

✔️ Try connecting to TikTok through a VPN of your choice or do the other way around. If you have previously been always logging in through VPN, switch it off and use your real IP. 

✔️ Reboot the Wi-Fi router to change the IP. This would only work if your Internet provider provides dynamic IPs. Otherwise with static IP, resetting Wi-Fi does not change the IP, and thus, the You are visiting too frequently error remains.

Although it may not fix the You Are Visiting Too Frequently TikTok problem, you can still try to clear the cache on your device and/or uninstall and install the application back again.

You should be all set if you tried them all. At least one of the methods should fix the “you are visiting too frequently” TikTok issue. 

Why TikTok Says You Are Visiting Our Service Too Frequently

All said you may wonder why would TikTok block your IP address and if the IP ban on TikTok is permanent or temporary.

Why has TikTok blocked your IP address?

Out of the many reasons why TikTok has locked your IP, the common ones are below.

❌ Your IP can be locked if you trigger the TikTok spam filters by signing in and out of the account multiple times consequently. Imagine you have decided to switch to another account to upload a post, but then changed your mind and logged back into the primary one. Right after, you’ve switched again. Of course, not everyone would sign in and out of their TikTok accounts 20 times a day, they still exist. 

❌ The TikTok account you are trying to log in to has not been created on your device. Such an account either is bought or borrowed and, most likely, created on a public IP address. 

❌ While TikTok allows browser access and you can watch Feed on desktop, many people still use Android and iOS emulators like Bluestacks, Nox Player, MEmu Play, etc. It is clear these mobile emulators are not favored by TikTok. If you are trying to log in using an emulator, at some point you would probably encounter you are visiting too frequently TikTok error. Try to log in from a real mobile device rather than using an emulator. Most likely it will work.

❌ You have created multiple Instagram accounts in a single day from the same IP. That triggers the same spam filters as TikTok detects bot-like behavior. If you really need to have another one or more wait at least a day or sign up from another IP address.

According to multiple sources, the TikTok IP ban is permanent. Luckily, you’ve just learned how to change your IP,  right?

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