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TikTok Money Calculator: Understanding Results

Sometimes you get engagement results but don’t really know what is a good engagement rate on TikTok. Don’t worry, we’ve poor, average, and good TikTok engagement rate down below.


7 -14%

If you just got on TikTok or rarely posted interesting content, your engagement is likely to be poor.


15 -18%

These are common engagement rates for TikTok accounts with 10k and more followers, who post frequently.


19 -23%

Often, a good engagement rate on TikTok for popular accounts with multiple posts a day is 18% or higher.

Who Uses TikTok Calculator

Our TikTok Money Calculator is used by established and new TikTok creators to check profile engagement rate, estimate potential earnings from brand sponsorships, and spy on competitors.


Zany media guy
Standup comedian and rising TikTok star.


Outdoorsy freshman
Avid TikToker on her way to become a star.


Glamorous hair stylist
Beauty salon owner shooting 15-second tuts


Chatty YouTuber
Eager to try new things. Just got on TikTok.


Cheery dancer
Newbie jumping into duets and challenges


Passionate artist
Little-known artist showcasing her work on TikTok

TikTok Money Calculator: Top Searches This Month

Lucas and Marcus


Engagement: 13.90%
Earnings: $14.1k - $21.1k



Engagement: 17.83%
Earnings: $11.4k - $17.2k

Kira Kosarin


Engagement: 19.96%
Earnings: $12.9k - $19.4k



Engagement: 13.59%
Earnings: $10.8k - $16.2k

Neha Kakkar


Engagement: 6.76%
Earnings: $11.1k - $16.6k

Kody Antle


Engagement: 13.01%
Earnings: $14.1k - $21.1k

Jason Coffee


Engagement: 15.97%
Earnings: $9.36k - $14.0k

How Influencers Make Money On TikTok?

There are at least 3 ways how influencers make money on TikTok. These three include fans donations, sponsored posts, and selling their merch.

Donations on TikTok are in-app coins and virtual gifts which followers give to their favorite creator to thank for great content. Coins later are turned into TikTok diamonds, and can be cashed out on PayPal.

To get started, first grow your fanbase and engagement; then, go Live. Cannot see the Live button? This is likely because you are younger than 16, or do not have enough followers on your account. If you want you can buy TikTok followers starting at just $2.67.

Sponsored posts are partnerships between a business and an influencer who promotes a brand by mentioning it in a video, or wearing branded merch. Influencer’s fee is negotiated, and may include one or several posts. TikTok Money Calculator helps you estimate how much influencers make from a single sponsored post.

Much like Twitch and YouTube, nearly all big-name creators on TikTok sell branded merch on their websites. You see them wearing branded hoodies, T-shirts, etc.fooling around making  videos.

How Much Money Influencers Make?

As we said above, there are multiple ways influencers make money off TikTok. At this time TikTok creators cannot make money running ads on their videos like they do on YouTube. But one of the ways TikTokers get paid is sponsorship deals.

Depending on how many followers they have and how good their engagement rate is, influencer commissions can be as high as $36k-100k (@charlidamelio) per post or per campaign. Based on the number of followers all influencers fall under 5 categories:

  1. 1. 10k or less followers – nano influencers (on average, make $5-$10 from 1 post)
  2. 2. 10k – 100k followers – micro influencers (earnings are anywhere $60-$90 per post)
  3. 3. 100k – 500k followers – mid-tier influencers (receive about $200-400 in payouts)
  4. 4. 500k – 1m followers – macro influencers (earn around $400-$600 per post)
  5. 5. 1m and more followers – TikTok royalty (make $750 – $1k and more per post)

Note: While micro and mid-tier influencers receive less money per post, they could make more money because of more deals. Businesses prefer to partner with them because of the lower pay and higher engagement, which often results in more revenue for the brand. Sometimes, brands gift their products to creators instead of money .

What Is a Good Engagement Rate On TikTok?

Unlike Instagram or other social networking sites, TikTok engagement rate is higher because of its fun side and free-spirited nature. Looking into statistics, users spend 52 minutes a day on both platforms, but watch way more content on TikTok rather than Instagram.

Still new to social media marketing, a short-video sharing app TikTok has gained over 800 million users in the span of just 3 years. Unsurprisingly, this user base attracts brands and marketers who search for engaged audiences and influential creators.

If you are wondering what the engagement formula looks like or how to calculate engagement on TikTok, try PubTok’s new TikTok Money Calculator. According to stats on average, 1.57% – 3.56% is a good Instagram engagement rate. In contrast, a good engagement rate on TikTok is 19% – 20%.

  1. 1. 10k or less followers – nano influencers (on average, 10.7% – 14.3%)
  2. 2. 10k – 100k followers – micro influencers (16.7% – 24.5%)
  3. 3. 100k – 500k followers – mid-tier influencers ( 20.4% – 23.5%)
  4. 4. 500k – 1m followers – macro influencers (17.27% – 20.6%)
  5. 5. 1m and more followers – TikTok royalty (18.46% – 20.2%)

How Engagement Rate On TikTok Is Calculated?

This is the common formula for post engagement, which does not factor in profile followers. More, to see the average engagement rate for at least 10 of your last posts you would have to calculate the engagement rate for each of them one-by-one, and then, add up and divide by the number of posts(10 in our case).

There is also another formula to see how much the followers are liking your content. Besides calculating possible earnings per post, TikTok Money Calculator shows up both engagement estimates to save up time that could be spent on recording videos. Why not get your result 10 times when no money or password is asked from you?

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