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Free TikTok Views
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PubTok is now giving away 1.000.000 TikTok views daily! Any creator can get 1000 free TikTok views a day without verification or survey. Join “My Daily Views” giveaway before the daily limit for free views today is reached.


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Want To Get 20.000 Free Views?

Make a video of how you are ordering free 1000 views on Pubtok by recording your screen, adding #freetiktokviews, #1000tiktokviews, #pubtok hashtags, and post a video to TikTok. Return to Pubtok and contact us via the live chat, and we will send you free 20,000 views right away, worth roughly $15 when purchased.

PubTok Challenge Details
– 1 account can make only 1 challenge video per week (if you make more, only one will be selected for 20k free views);
– The recording must capture a website and the process of ordering 1000 free views. Best, if it shows you typing “Pubtok” into Google.
– You could record on both mobile and PC (whichever is easier for you).
– A video recording must contain the hashtags #freetiktokviews, #1000tiktokviews, #pubtok.
– You can upload from your personal (or a separate) account as long as it has a minumum of 1 video and a few followers and likes).
– Real accounts with 1k + followers and multiple posts will get the maximum – 30k views.
– The maximum of 30k free TikTok views is also given to users who make clear and fluent voiceovers when recording a challenge video. Otherwise, feel free to add trending music/sound to get 20k views.
– If your video meets all the requirements, you can send a URL link to any video (via the Live Chat) and we will deliver 20k views within 12-24 hours after revision.
– You cannot remove the challenge video you created for at least 3 months after claiming the reward. Doing so will lead to a permanent ban from participation in the challenge as well as using other Pubtok services.
– IMPORTANT! Accounts with no activity, posts, followers, or engagement are NOT elligible for #PubTok challenge. Videos uploaded from fake accounts will be discarded from the list of 20k free views!

How To Get Free TikTok Views

Do you have videos that need views but don’t know how to get TikTok views for free? Join views giveaway on PubTok, and get 1000 for free every day. You can get started in just a couple of minutes.

Step 1

Enter a username and search for TikTok profile. You should also provide an email for contact.

Step 2

Confirm the profile and choose a post for 1000 free TikTok views. Note, only 1 post is selected.

Step 3

Check your video in a few minutes to see free views appearing on it. Usually in 10-30 minutes.

Step 4

Come after 24 hours have passed and get 1000 free views again for the same or a different video.

Free TikTok Views Stats

PubTok has just started a 1.000.000 TikTok views giveaway, but quite a few users have already received free views. Here are some stats for curious eyes.


35000 +

Over 30k TikTok users have received daily views so far.


18 M+

Nearly half a million TikTok views have been given away.


18670 +

A little less than 20k videos have tripled the views count..

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get Free TikTok Views Without Verification?

Still unsure if you could get free TikTok views without verification? PubTok giveaways do not require you to complete surveys or watch ads to start getting free views. Taking part in our daily giveaway is easier than you think. You do not have to copy and paste the URL link to your video (no confusion😊).

Known as a major provider of TikTok views, likes, and followers, PubTok is now running a “My Daily Views” giveaway program. Any creator, including personal and business accounts, can take part in it and get 1000 TikTok views for free every day. Through a user search tool you will find your profile and posts.

Because our goal is to serve as many creators as we can, you can only get free TikTok views once in 24 hours and for one video only. The overall daily limit for free TikTok views without verification is 1.000.000. This ensures that the first 1000 TikTok videos will get 1000 views every day.

A word of caution to our users who want to get 1000 free TikTok views, or even “unlimited” views. You should not rely on free views apps or views generators promising any number of views for free. There is always a number of real viewers that can be sent in a day, and anything over it is likely to be fake.

Can You Get Free TikTok Views Without Verification
Will TikTok Views Hack Beat the Algorithm

Will TikTok Views Hack Beat the Algorithm?

Wondering if free TikTok views could get your videos on the For You page, and finally bring new viewers and more likes? To see how the TikTok views hack works you should learn what the TikTok algorithm considers when a new video is out. In general, there are two major factors that influence visibility of TikTok posts: people and the video itself.

Once a video is released the algorithm shows it to a small number of users who either watch a video or skip to the next one. Based on the initial reaction (watched = interested) of those users, a video gets promoted to more viewers, or remains somewhere behind other content published at a similar time.

It is not possible to influence who watches your videos and who not, but changing the number of video views is in your power. Because views multiplication plays in your favour, getting free views on your videos as soon as you upload them could push them further to more views and attention.

The more viewers from around the world plug in to watch your video, the more popular it becomes. That is how TikTok views hack beats TikTok algorithm.

Why Fake Views On TikTok Do Not Work?

Fake views on TikTok will not have as much effect on video’s visibility and growth as real views. To understand why some views work and some don’t, you should know what the fake TikTok views are and how to avoid them, as well as how the real TikTok views are different.

Fake views on TikTok are the views generated by bots and bot-like software which emulates user actions. If you want to avoid a “fake views” problem, there are things to check up on before getting views from any provider. Whether you buy TikTok views or get them for free, do not fall for the 100 000 views promise. A large number of fake views is even more visible on new and less active profiles with little to no views on other posts.

How often a video gets viewed will also help grow organically. 50 to 500 TikTok views on every video is better than 1000 views on a single one. Also, no “unlimited free views” has ever been delivered to TikTok video. Look for the limit as unlimited TikTok views are either bot-generated or never-delivered views.

Real TikTok views should come from real users with different IPs, devices, profiles with identifiable usernames and avatars. Not necessarily they will have published videos and amassed followers since users can have separate accounts on TikTok.

Why Fake Views On TikTok Do Not Work
What Are Some Other Ways to Get Views on TikTok

What Are Some Other Ways to Get Views on TikTok?

With hundreds of videos uploaded to the app every second, getting a TikTok viewer interested in a certain video is hard. Luckily there are multiple ways to get TikTok views to grow a video’s popularity. Some of the ways to get views on tikTok video are free TikTok views trial, trending hashtags, TikTok trends and memes, and duets.

Many websites will allow you to try a certain number of views for free for a limited time, a free TikTok views trial. Although you cannot rely on constantly getting views through a trial, it can still help you get some videos viewed more, and perhaps, even get on the For You page.

It is true that unlike Instagram, TikTok pays less attention to hashtags. You can see videos without any hashtags or captions getting hot 😜 on TikTok. Yet hashtags became important with the introduction of TikTok Communities like #WitchTok or #AltTikTok, and more brands and influencers joining hashtag challenges. Viewers started to search videos by trending hashtags.

Memes and duets are also an important and much-viewed part of TikTok. Both duets with popular videos and following memes helped thousands of videos get views on TikTok. Isn’t it how meme pages like Cowbelly receive millions of views on every video they publish? For a duet video,simply split the screen and start recording, reacting to or following what is shown in another video.

Why Choose Free TikTok Views From PubTok

Don’t know what app or website to choose to get free TikTok views? PubTok easily beats other providers in terms of quality of views, safety, and ease of use. We cannot offer you TikTok views “unlimited”, but what we promise will ship to a video you select. Better yet, our TikTok views are accessible to all countries and creators.

Here is how our free views are different:

  • – The views come from real accounts in our user base who get rewarded for a partnership.
  • – You get mixed age and gender international viewers.
  • – All users view your TikTok from various locations and devices.
  • – Orders for views are automatically processed and start appearing quickly on post.
  • – No TikTok password, direct access, or app downloads and connection is required.
  • – Ordering all services on PubTok is done through the tool which searches by username.
  • – You will not need to copy-paste a single URL link to a TikTok video selecting by click.
  • – The number of times a user can get free views is not limited, and many users order daily.
  • – With PubTok, the search for”free TikTok views no verification” is a real way to get views daily.
  • – Anyone with video content on TikTok can try 1000 TikTok views for free from PubTok.
  • – Only 1000 video views can be received by a single user a day for free, and a total of 100 users;
  • – For creators who want more, we offer 11% – 50% discounts on views, likes, and followers