Privacy Policy

Last updated August 23, 2020

PubTok is a public service with a mission to help creators on TikTok get noticed increasing followers, likes, and views. Unlike many services mistreating customers’ data, or looking to profit from it through selling to third parties, PubTok makes a privacy statement to all its customers. 

We strive to keep personal and purchasing data private and take steps to protect a creator’s identity. No identifiable data, such as full names, usernames, email addresses, order IDs, etc. is openly used on our website, its partners or contractors, without the owner’s notice and permission. 

As a driven service with creators in mind, we make every effort to meet expectations and deliver the promise. Customers can be sure that their personal data is never sold or made public working with PubTok.

PubTok For Artists/Creatives/Performers

Photographers, artists, songwriters, dancers, hair and makeup stylists, designers, and the talented folks are much a part of PubTok as the platform they are in. 

We strive to supply video views and likes, profile followers so that new creators could have as many views, fans, and hearts as needed to quickly grow to stardom. With our Privacy Promise TikTok creators, both new and established, could buy likes for their tutorials, audition videos, even sponsored content risk-free. 

PubTok For Viners/ Celebrities

We treat yesterday viners and stars and today’s TikTok celebs as our partners. With a few of them we worked closely for a number of months, and shared wonderful moments of “first million views ever”, or “first sponsorship”. Revealing their identities would not only hurt our good reputation and their trust, but break the invisible bonds between influencers and PubTok.

PubTok For Businesses

With more users hanging out on TikTok, small business owners are eager to speak to the audience through fun lip-sync, behind-the-scenes, and dance challenge videos. PubTok helps new business and personal accounts quickly gain followers, views, and likes under complete privacy. 

Why is the data collected?

Your purchasing habits, location and used device, chosen packages, time spent on our site, frequently asked questions, etc. ensures quality service and suggests improvements to our system. 

  1. WIth hundreds of accounts we study TikTok algorithm’s behaviour and correspondingly update our delivery system to guarantee safe experience and order completion.
  2. We are able to predict possible changes in the algorithm and properly manage our “stock-supply-restock” system without increasing the price tag of our service. 
  3. Purchasing habits, device, and location helps us learn where and when support or developer teams are understaffed, or inexperienced.
  4. Customer reviews, social media mentions, and correspondence improves our efficiency and reputation, rewards best employees and teams, and makes it possible to live up to our promise.
  5. User and customer data in general contributes to in-house studies, system development, and commitment to better serve our customers.
  6. Contact information can also be used to send updates on the order, make important announcements, and verify order placement.  
  7. TikTok usernames and url links to the videos are used to complete orders, or reach out to a customer about the order if a valid email is not provided. 

What and how the data is collected?

Depending on the reasons why you have visited our website located at, PubTok collects four types of user data:

1. Information submitted by the user

Depending on whether you buy TikTok services, browse a website, or contact support we might ask for your TikTok username, url links to TikTok posts, full name and order details. From time to time we can ask customers to take part in polls, or to leave feedback on our service. 

2. Device/medium information

We collect data from devices and mediums you use while browsing our website, tagging or mentioning us, contacting support, and placing orders at PubTok. 

  • your computer/mobile/tablet ID; 
  • IP (internet protocol) address;
  • social platforms you use to contact or mention us (if any);

3. Information on how you use our services

When ordering TikTok likes, followers, or views, we collect the following data:

  • preferred services (likes, followers, or views;
  • order size (from 100 to 1 000 000);
  • received discount(s), if any;
  • creator’s account username (if followers required);
  • links to the videos, likes or views are ordered for;
  • the initial number of views, likes, and/or fans before the delivery;
  • the views, likes, and/or followers count for orders in progress;
  • the views, likes, and/or followers count after the order completion;
  • ordering frequency and average budget;

What Our Privacy Promise Says

It is time to make our promises. As PubTok we guarantee you:


Because of the nature of our business and under this legally binding privacy statement and all applicable laws, PubTok makes a promise to never disclose customer identities, order details  and history, personal and contact information to third parties, its partners, contractors, other customers, its employees* and offices. No identifiable data is used on our website, social media, or elsewhere online without the written permission of its owner. 

*only processing and delivery team who is in charge of the orders sees provided data to check out order details, to verify payment, and complete orders.


We hold no secrets from you. What type of data is collected, how we collect and use it, and how it impacts use and other customers is explained in this document. In brief, personal and contact information submitted by the user is only used to complete orders, customer reviews help improve user experience and interface, and purchasing habits improve product suggestion and restocking. If any data needs to be used, the owners will be contacted, usernames and any identifiable data intentionally changed to the extent that the creator’s identity is not revealed.

Personal choice

All users have the right to accept or deny our Privacy Promise before placing an order, browsing a website, or contacting support. Placing an order or accessing a website and its continuous use automatically mean acceptance of our Terms and the data submitted from your device by you, or collected during such interaction. 

You can easily opt out leaving this website, not ordering our services, or contacting support at [email protected] to permanently delete your account* (if you no longer wish to use our service). 

* A personal account is automatically created for each customer on their first purchase to make it possible for a customer to track orders, see the receipts, and improve convenience and speed for payment transactions, order verification, and feedback. 

This Privacy Promise confirms our commitment to prove customer trust through non-disclosure, transparency, and personal choice. 

Thank you for reading it and visiting our website.