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Followers/Fans are unique TikTok users who follow certain creators for a small incentive.

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Will Anyone Know If I Buy Views To TikTok Video?

We won’t have nearly as many influencers, artists, and business owners as we have without complete customer privacy. To make sure customers buy views on TikTok whenever they want with no risk involved, we set our Privacy Promise.

All orders go through a separate gateway and order history, and other data is only visible to you once you log into a personal account (it is automatically created on your first purchase). Whether you buy TikTok views to become an influencer, sell merch, or push video’s popularity rankings, no worries about making it public on our side. PubTok is not in any way affiliated with third parties hungry for personal data, and keeps customers’ best interest at heart.

That said, a rule of thumb is to not share your password to the PubTok account with anyone. It must be only you who sees how many, what, and when is ordered for your TikToks.

Is It Safe To Buy TikTok Views?

You won’t believe it but hundreds of thousands of creators buy TikTok views for their videos. And many of them get the results – gaining way more views down the road, and getting featured. Still, it is important to know that real views from users are not cheapest, not easily controlled, and typically are the same organic views popular creators get. So, real views on TikTok are safe to buy.

Delivery speed is another key factor in keeping accounts safe. Fake views are mostly cheap bot views appearing in seconds. There is nothing wrong with fast delivery if you have an army of loyal fans and upload like crazy. If you are new, chances are you barely scratch hundreds in days. So, bumping your views count at once you may raise the algorithm suspicion.

Why Buy TikTok Views?

With real views, no password or login details, and absolute privacy buying views is a no brainer. But before you buy TikTok video views take a look why it actually makes sense.

  • * You get more views organically. Your video passed the algorithm’s initial check on reaction. So, TikTok pushes it to more viewers.
  • * It’s a fair and fun thing to see. Why should anyone on TikTok take over you only because of the numbers they get? Score equal and watch bestie’s reaction.
  • * You could be making money off TikTok through sponsored posts. Not overnight, but building your fanbase, views, and engagement.
  • * Your video can go viral. Experienced TikTokers say a good video hits hundreds, a great video gets 10 times that. The more views you have, the more likely you are to get 10 times that.

How To Buy TikTok Views?

With non-drop views from PubTok passing one million views milestone, boosting video’s visibility , and becoming a TikTok influencer comes true. Spend no more hours thinking what popular creators do that you don’t . A few clicks will save you time and nerves.


Step 1

Pick the package right for your budget and goals. You can get views from just 1 000 up to 1 000 000. Note: you can accept or decline custom discounts for bigger packages.

Step 2

Type your TikTok username into the search bar and we’ll pull out the account with your posts. Then, as you see it, tick off a post (min 50/post) you need the views on.

Step 3

You can buy TikTok views with PayPal, credit/debit cards, or crypto coins from anywhere in the world. We work with 70+ payment processors guarantee hassle-free purchase.

How To Get TikTok Views Naturally?

Creators say there are dozens of things you should watch for: from using popular hashtags and visual effects and soundtracks to influencer collabs, dance challenges, and connecting TikTok to Instagram and YouTube. If you have a YouTube channel you could upload TikTok compilations and/or show “behind the scenes” of TikTok recordings. Don’t forget to drop the link in the description and ask viewers to check out your TikTok.

If you are already working your butt off with no visible growth, it may be time to buy views to TikTok video to get the ball rolling. After all, what’s the point in making a video if no one watches it? TikTok views are also social proof that your content is watched by quite a few app users. And we’ve all fallen for popular videos in our feed at some point, right? You can also buy TikTok followers and likes and pay $0.80 for views. Check all-in-one bundles.

What Happens After I Buy TikTok Views?

Right after your order is placed and payment approved, Staffy (smart engine behind the order completion) assigns order ID and checks the details (username, links, payment, etc.). At this stage, private accounts and invalid video links cannot be processed and such creators contacted via emails they left. Double check on your order details and set profile and videos public to save time and nerves.

Then, Staffy with Hunk (our views Chief) checks for supply and processes the order. Setting the speed we split the amount of views into separate batches sent at a different speed with some breaks in between. This is done to avoid algorithm suspicion and keep profiles safe.

Note: Don’t worry if views seemingly slowed down. They’ll soon be rolling your way again.

Your Favorite Spot To Buy TikTok Views

With non-drop views and fast organic delivery from PubTok, million views on TikTok is no longer a dream. Feel free to choose your package, or use our ordering tool to buy TikTok views for several posts if you need.



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  • Real & Active People
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  • Real & Active People
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