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How to See Someone’s Private Liked Videos on TikTok?

The world of TikTok is a treasure trove of entertainment, from hilarious skits to catchy dance trends.

Sometimes, you might find yourself curious about the content a friend or acquaintance enjoys on the platform. But what if that person has a private account? Does that mean their liked videos are forever a mystery?

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of TikTok privacy settings and answer the burning question: can you really see someone’s private liked videos on TikTok?

Is There a Way to See a Private TikTok Account’s Liked Videos on TikTok?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to crack the code of private liked videos on TikTok. The platform prioritizes user privacy, and private accounts let users keep their liked content under wraps.

Forget about third-party apps promising a magic key – they’re scams that put your security at risk! Instead, focus on building genuine connections. Watch videos together, explore each other’s “For You” pages, or simply ask about their favorite creators.

Respecting privacy is key to a more positive and secure TikTok experience, and who knows, you might discover some hidden gems together!

Why is it Not Possible Though?

Two key factors contribute to the veil of secrecy surrounding private accounts’ liked videos:

The Power of Privacy Settings

When a user chooses to make their account private, they essentially become the gatekeeper of their content.

This control extends to their liked videos, comments, and even their follower list. By keeping their liked videos hidden, users have the freedom to express themselves comfortably, without worrying about external opinions.

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The Algorithmic Magic Behind the “For You” Page

A significant part of the TikTok experience lies in the thrill of discovering fresh and engaging content. Imagine a world where everyone could see everyone else’s liked videos.

The “For You” page, known for its personalized recommendations based on your watch history and likes, would become a monotonous echo chamber. Keeping liked videos private allows the algorithm to function effectively, suggesting new and exciting content tailored to your individual preferences.

Should You Try Third-Party Apps To See Someone’s Private Liked TikToks?

With the desire to see someone’s private likes burning bright, you might stumble upon third-party apps or online tools that promise to grant you this access.

However, it’s crucial to understand that these methods are not only ineffective but also pose significant security risks. These apps often function as scams, designed to steal your personal information or infect your device with malware.


While the mystery of someone’s private liked videos might pique your curiosity, it’s important to respect user privacy settings on TikTok.

There are many ways to connect with someone on the platform and discover similar content together. You can watch videos with them, explore the “For You” page side-by-side, or simply ask them about their favorite creators.

Remember, respecting boundaries is key to building positive online relationships. After all, the fun of TikTok lies in the joy of discovery, and sometimes, the best way to find interesting content is through genuine interaction.

Do You Get a Notification When Someone Likes Your TikTok?

The world of TikTok notifications can be a minefield of confusion, especially when it comes to the seemingly simple act of liking a video.

Imagine scrolling through your For You page, vibing to a catchy tune, and tapping that heart icon. Did the creator just get a notification, blasting an announcement to the world about your like? Or are your likes a silent disco, a private appreciation for the content without anyone knowing?

Let’s delve into the intricacies of TikTok’s notification system and answer some burning questions about those little red hearts.

Do Creators Get Notified When You Like Their Video?

When you hit that like button, it’s not a silent gesture. The creator will indeed receive a notification in their inbox, adding to the chorus of activity updates like comments and new followers.

This notification serves as a valuable piece of social currency, letting them know their content is resonating with viewers.

Does Liking and Unliking Immediately Cancel Out the Notification?

Here’s where things get a little tricky. Imagine this scenario: you like a video, then have a moment of second thoughts and unlike it immediately. Did you manage to ninja your way out of the notification zone? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

The notification system operates on a first-come, first-served basis. The moment you tap like, a notification gets sent out to the creator, immortalizing your digital thumbs-up even if you change your mind later. So, that fleeting moment of appreciation might leave a more permanent mark than you intended.

How to Stop Someone Getting a Notification When You Like Their Video?

While there’s no incognito mode for liking videos, there are ways to create a more private liking experience.

One option is to switch your account to private. With a private account, users have to submit a follow request for your approval before they can see your activity, including likes. This allows you to curate your audience and ensure only those you approve can see your like on someone’s video.

However, it’s important to remember that even with an approved follower, the notification system still functions – they’ll just need to be following you in the first place to see the notification of your like.

Does Blocking Someone Prevent Their Notification When You Like Their Video?

This is where things get interesting! Blocking someone on TikTok severs the notification connection entirely. It might seem counterintuitive, but even if you like a video by someone you’ve blocked, they won’t be notified.

However, blocking someone comes with a double-edged sword. While it prevents them from knowing about your like, it also restricts your ability to interact with their content in any way. You won’t be able to see their profile, view their videos, or leave comments – essentially building a digital wall between you and their content.

Will We See Changes to TikTok’s Like Notification System?

The world of social media is constantly evolving, and notification systems are no exception. While TikTok currently operates with a straightforward like notification system, it’s interesting to consider potential future changes. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Granular Notification Controls: Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer more granular control over notifications, allowing users to choose who gets notified about specific actions like likes or comments. Perhaps TikTok might introduce similar features in the future, giving creators more control over the notifications they receive.
  • Prioritized Notifications: With a growing number of creators and a constant influx of content, some creators might benefit from a notification prioritization system. Imagine a system that highlights likes from high-engagement followers or established accounts. This could help creators focus on interactions that hold more weight within their audience.
  • Alternative Engagement Metrics: Likes are a valuable form of engagement, but they’re not the only way viewers can interact with content. Maybe future iterations of the notification system could expand to include notifications for shares, saves, or even specific comment keywords. This could provide creators with a more comprehensive picture of how their content is resonating with viewers.

While these are simply speculative possibilities, they highlight the dynamic nature of notification systems. As TikTok continues to develop, it will be interesting to see how the platform approaches like notifications and how they might adapt to user needs and preferences.


While there’s no way to completely prevent a notification from going out when you like a video, understanding the notification system empowers you to navigate the world of TikTok likes with more control.

Whether you choose the strategic approach of a private account or utilize blocking in specific situations, these options can help you manage your digital footprint and curate your interactions on the platform. Remember, sometimes a genuine like is the best way to show appreciation for a creator, notification or not!

TikTok Algorithm Exposed: Get on For You Page In 2022

Titok algorithm is a widely discussed topic and main people seem to claim themselves a guru on how to beat the TikTok algorithm and how to get on the For You page. 

While we don’t claim to be the gurus, we do claim that the tips we are going to discuss work 100% of the time and will definitely get you on the For You page. 

There is one caveat though. And it is that you need to really apply them. 

After all, all words no action is a perfect recipe for failure, while the action is the key to success.

In this article, you will learn, how does the algorithm actually work, “no BS explanation”, what does it really pays attention to, and how to utilize all this information to get on For You page and become TikTok famous.

Apart from giving all the necessary tips to get on the ‘For You page’ we also provide free TikTok likes for new creators with low engagement rates and poor TikTok views to likes ratio.  

How is TikTok Algorithm exposed? 

One of the most discussed algorithms among the social platforms. TikTok’s Algorithm works much simpler than many other platforms, but just like another algorithm, has been heavily modified since its inception. And constantly bringing changes some of which are public, while some remain within the walls of the company until released for the public ears. 

However, it is possible to just understand what is publicly available and use that knowledge to get your clips viral and to get on For You page easily. 

The main objective of the algorithm, be it for the “For You page” or any other feature, is quite simply to keep you on the platform for as long as possible and to get you to come back.

Although to perform those two important duties, the TikTok algorithm will pay attention to these important pointers; 

  1. Value of the user
  2. User value in terms on longevity in the app
  3. Value of the creator 

There are more things we will discuss in detail, especially how the TikTok algorithm will decide the value of all those things later. But for now, you should keep in mind that when the TikTok algorithm exposed is, it will end up serving its owner rather than anyone else. And when the paths cross, only then, it may help the creator or the user. 

But this fundamental understanding of the algorithm’s main purpose is to drive more traffic or to keep on the platform is very crucial.  It is vital for the creators because you and the algorithm are on the same side. It is useful if you are a user, then you can use this knowledge to spend less time. Since the more you spend, the more it makes you want to spend on the app. 

How does the TikTok algorithm decide those values 

The TikTok algorithm has changed in 2022. It never used to be that it would vet the users or their time on the platform. But now the algorithm is performing more tasks than ever to find out about the user, as much as possible to serve him the best content. 

This is a great opportunity for everyone involved. If you are a user, you should start to see better content. If you are the influencer or want to become one, you have fairer chances. However, if you are the person trying to understand how it does all these things, it’s gotten a little more complex. 

But don’t worry, the goal of this section is to make that complex simple and give you the understanding so that you could start taking advantage of this opportunity now. 

When it comes to deciding the value of the user, TikTok doesn’t really go around weighing it into monetary values, but it just will pay attention to how long the user is spending time and what type of clips the user is reacting to. Those are the crucial things you learn from this TikTok algorithm exposed article.

By the way, this is all done in real-time, which means, the very second you like a video, the algorithm will know about it and has already considered it as a signal to offer you a content of similar type sometime in the near future. 

Value of the user 

If you are the type of user that engages a lot with the given content, thus, likes, comments, shares, perhaps even dislikes or bans, whatever it is. If you are in general more engaged and perform more actions then just scroll to the top. 

You are a high-value user in the eyes of the algorithm, this is all in relative terms.  What this means, is that if you were to open TikTok, you are likely to be suggested clips that all have a low engagement rate, at least the first 10 to 15 videos depending on how many the algorithm deems worthy, will be showing up first.  

That doesn’t mean, only the low-engaged, low-quality videos will be showing up on your page, it just means,  among the potential videos you might like, the ones that have the least engagement will be shown.

If you are someone who comes home and scrolls some videos to spend some time and doesn’t even like or comment. You are likely to be shown videos with higher engagement than the person above.

This again doesn’t apply to everyone or for every clip, it only applies to the clips that are specifically chosen to you, and among those already chosen clips, the ones with the least engagement are shown first. 

Engagement is not the only metric the algorithm pays attention to, to judge your value. There is a whole slew of other factors like your average watch time, average time spent on the app, types of niches, videos, et cetera, having the TikTok algorithm exposed would mean a clear death throw to the secrecies of all those.

Just a video would have all that data attached to it, you as a user would have all the data attached to your account.

The reason the algorithm sifts the users is first to make them stay as long as possible. 

Long- term usage

How does an algorithm get to keep you as long as possible?

By looking at the data above and more like the ones we will discuss now. For example, the longer you have been using the app, the more data they have available to you on the app. 

Where some other social media apps choose to sell it to the advertisers, TikTok just chooses to sell you the videos. 

Not that it doesn’t show ads or anything, it’s just that the users take precedence and their long-term usage is far more important. When you think about it, this is a far better marketing strategy. 

The longer the person is on the app, the more chances to display ads. How can you make this information useful if you are the business trying to get more followers and views and most importantly get on the “For You page” of those users? 

Well,  this is not simple, but just the mere awareness of the fact that even the users are vetted must give you enough motivation to choose the right audience and choose them right. 

Also, don’t believe those who say TikTok is for Gen Z, or whatsoever, it is not true anymore.  Due to the massive number of young people who made the app popular, many people still think it is For Young people. 

However, the data from Statista shows that more than 50% of the users are over 30 years old.

In short, after analyzing how long you spend on the app, how long you have actually been using the app, and the rate of interactions you have, you are either a high value or medium value user. 

Keep in mind that TikTok will never release the data about these analyses. Because they are super-secret.

Creator’s value 

When trying to have the TikTok algorithm exposed and any other time trying to understand the algorithm itself, it is important to remember the creator’s value.

The creator’s value likewise is decided by the algorithm and it is decided by the number of hours his clips are being watched and the rate of engagement he is pushing. The idea that the users and the creators are given value according to their contribution may seem a bit too capitalistic, but this is the world we live in. 

The value of the creator is also something that is not publicly available and cannot be released. But again understanding that now algorithms won’t treat each and every TikTok the same is a great place to start if you want to become popular on the platform. 

Just because no two creators or users are the same, it doesn’t mean one gets an advantage while the other, otherwise. 

In fact, this brings out more balance. because, when creators value analysis, there is more than just the length and the engagement. 

The algorithm analyzed what type of audience that creator attracted the most, how they reacted, what percentages followed, etc, etc. all those details and more help the creator to attract more of the same. Because the algorithm will put his clips in front of people of that type more often and first when their videos are released. 

Thus, giving a creator that makes videos on, say topic “x” better chances than another creator that talks about “y”. But the same is true for the creator of the “y” topic. 

This is like giving money what it wants. Which will make both the money happy and the person who wants something from the money, as then, money is more willing to obey. 

What does the TikTok algorithm pay attention to

We have shortly touched on the things that the TikTok algorithm pays attention to generally. But what exactly are they, and how can you use what you learn to your advantage?.

Let us discuss some of the most vital aspects of what the tiktok algorithm pays attention to, and break it down so that you can start using and get on that sweet TikTok “For You page”.

There are two sides to the algorithm. 

  • One is how it analyzes the videos to understand what they are about. 
  • The other is that it analyzes your reactions. 

When you want to get on the “For You Page” it is enough to understand the next, but it is better to understand it fully so that you could TikTok the algorithm exposed as we promised in the title. 

The easiest way to understand how an algorithm analyzes the reactions is by looking at those things below.  You might be surprised to see some of the pointers ranking higher than the others. 

The obvious reason for this is that you are used to seeing what most blogs talk about, which is all about comments and likes. 

While those are important, that is not the most important, and in fact, they matter a whole lot less in the 2020 TikTok algorithm as these are considered to be weak signals. 

  • Rewatch time 
  • Completion rate
  • Shares, saves, 
  • Comments 
  • Likes 

Let us discuss those a bit more in detail.

Rewatch time 

This is the most obvious one, well, actually as are all the others. But there are a few “gotchas” here and there that you should be aware of.

One thing to know, no matter how comprehensive this title might sound, is that you cannot rewatch a clip over and over again. Well, you could but that doesn’t count as a quality rewatch. 

Of course, it will technically count as a rewatch and the algorithm will count it as such, but it is just a single account rewatching it all the time, then it will understand that it is a petty attempt to make that clip go viral. 

The best way to get people to rewatch your clips is by offering truly valuable content that will be worth rewatching a few times. 

We won’t be going deep into discussing how to actually go about this because we are more trying to have the TikTok algorithm exposed than giving you tips on that. 

But you definitely can read about it on our blog. But now let us get to discuss the second most important factor that the algorithm pays attention to.

Completion rate

The concept of completion rate is also simple to grasp. But it will come with a few gotchas as well.

For example, you might be wondering how long the clip for it is considered complete. 

Perhaps, you are wondering how does it even affect the channel or how is that even part of the TikTok algorithm exposed tactics to get me on the ‘For You page’.

Completion rate is one of the most important pointers because this is the strong signal that a user likes your content. 

Although TikTok as a platform produces short-term content, people don’t want to stick to the end of such content, that is the biggest sign that the user doesn’t like the content. 

However, if they stick to the end it means they liked it, but it is not the strongest signal because of the short content. Thus people are able to stick to the content that is interesting and entertaining enough. It doesn’t have to be outrageously good. 

But if it happens to be this good, then the expected behavior is the rewatch which is why it is the highest in the list of things that the algorithm takes notice of. 

Shares / Saves 

Shares along with saves is another important aspect of how algorithms analyze the performances of videos. It is important because a user wouldn’t go out of his way to share or to save it if the content wasn’t good enough. 

While this might be the biggest signal like the rewatch, it is a big enough indicator that a user likes the content and is ready to click a few buttons based on that. 

Saves mechanics is something that doesn’t get talked about a lot, because it wasn’t easily accessible in early social media platforms, and their earlier versions of algorithms never deemed this information important. 

But TikTok made downloading and saving a clip very easy and one for the public. Of Course, saving is not available on all clips, it is a feature that the creator rides to either to keep it on or off. 

Nevertheless, knowledge of that button existing and the usage of that button when available become popular among the users. It is not the case with every video though, only the good content gets loads of saves. 

This can only mean that the algorithm will take this as a strong indicator of interest in the content and will push it forward.

So, shares and saves are actually very important in the eyes of the algorithm yet they are one of the least talked about, because of the factors we will talk about next.

TikTok comments 

Although you may have heard many people constantly talking about comments and likes and how important they are to have you go viral etc.

As a matter of fact, comments are not that vital. Of course, they play a role and are considered by the algorithm but when you compare the weight of importance of comments against other aspects that we have discussed, comments wouldn’t even move the scale. 

Comments are still fairly significant indicators, of the interest of the user. After all, it takes more steps to open the video comments section and write something than to just scroll up to the next clip. 

The only misconception might be that you are used to seeing people paying way too much attention to the comments, but you are now reading something that says it is not. That may seem confusing but when you learn to understand the core idea behind it, it will all make sense. 

The core idea is that the more a person is ready to do for the clip, the more value it provides to that specific person. What we mean by readiness is watching, clicking, liking, and doing all kinds of clickity things. 

The more, and the larger number of people do, the better. It will show how influential and effective your content is not that many people and thus is high-quality content. 

That is why, again, making content that entertains people and provides high value is absolutely necessary. 

TikTok Likes 

Like coming at the last of the importance order may seem even odder than the comments taking the before last. But we mean what we write. If you get a like compared to a rewatch, the algorithm will think the rewatch is way more valuable. 

First, you are spending your time, next you have to scroll back which is unusual behavior for the average TikToker.

However, if you were to just leave a like, then this would only mean that you are pressing one more button behavior scrolling up.

Of course, this is more valuable than just straight-up scrolling. Yet not as much as the other indicators. 

To get more likes again, disregard any advice you got on pushing the users or calling them to like it whatsoever. 

You need to focus on providing the best possible value to the user, and they will automatically leave the like without ever being asked. 

Now that we have discussed what engagements are considered and how much the TikTok algorithm values them. Let us talk about how the TikTok algorithm analyzes each video and finds details and pushes it down on your ‘For You page’.

How does TikTok algorithm analyzes the clips 

When it comes to having some videos showing up on your screen. There are many factors that are at play here. 

There are no two accounts whose feed is similar. Because the algorithm recommendation works in such a perfect way that it knows what to recommend to each and every single user. 

But how does it really know that much information? Of course, the aspects we discussed above are important but is there anything else?

Yes, a few more things. The algorithm before it recommends you, something vets, is based on three two other categories, way before it shows up on your ‘For You page’. 

Those categories are something that you cannot directly influence, which is why we are discussing them later in the article. However, knowing what they are can help you get on the “For You page” much faster. 

The algorithm pays attention to the things like faces, clothes, or whatever is in the video and identifies it as the contents’ element. It will also consider what type of song you are playing, is it the hit that everyone else is using, or not. 

It can also understand languages, and get a quite wholesome grasp on what the content is about just based on the transcript it generates for itself.  

Also, things like the hashtags, keywords, titles description whatever it is you enter will also help the algorithm to understand the video better.  Let us discuss the following more in detail in the upcoming chapters 

  1. Metadata 
  2. Audio 
  3. Data 

The elements that TikTok algorithm pays attention to 

In order to get the TikTok algorithm exposed, we need to understand what it pays attention to right?.

Among the elements that are important for the algorithm to analyze a video and recommend it to the user, are the faces, clothes, and other details of the video. 

For example, if you are making a dance video, and there is just you in the clip, the algorithm understands that, but even more. It will be able to see the kind of clothes you are wearing and the action you are taking, for example, dancing. 

It then records all this information and attaches it to that certain clip. When it recommends this clip to other people it will recognize these clips with all those exact elements. 

TikTok’s algorithm is therefore one of the smartest algorithms. It will even pay attention to the location of the clip and the location of the viewers of the clip and analyze which places it went viral. Once analyzed, make sure that that particular clip is distributed in that area more often.

You see, all those details and information and the feedback are necessary for the algorithm to help you go viral. It wants you to go viral and be watched. But it cannot do it if you are not doing your part. 

We will discuss how to beat the TikTok algorithm in the upcoming section, but for now, let us discuss the other information that is necessary for the algorithm to get you on the ‘For You page’.


Audio plays a big part in the TikTok clip’s popularity, as well as the kind of music or song you play. TikTok has trends and challenges, and usually, those trends and challenges are associated with certain music or song. 

In fact, songs can go viral on their own too. Thus it is safest to say it is quite important to know what kind of audio a certain video used, and how effective it was in gaining viewers.

The algorithm also keeps track of the number of usages of the music itself, to understand which music is viral at any given point. This information might not get you on the ‘For You page’.  

But knowing that the algorithm pays attention and records this should make you choose the music carefully. 

Choosing this, a song that has a few trends attached to it, or is on-trend is the safest way to get on the ‘For You page’. 

But you should not just choose the most popular music for the sake of choosing.  You should choose music that fits your content and compliments it in the best way so that you could provide more value to the viewer. 

The reason for choosing trendy music is because this increases the chances of your clip being recommended to those viewers who have watched a video or two with that music. 

Especially, if the music has gone viral and many people have started using it. You are at a great advantage just because you are using music that is viral. 

Video Data 

The data it needs is what you give to it. Things like the hashtags, descriptions, titles and anything else you write in the video will be read and analyzed. 

The information you provide not just helps the algorithm to understand more about the video but will also help you. That is why you have been seeing people talk all about hashtags and how you should write descriptions etc.

Those tips are important to a certain degree, but what is even more important is that you understand that it is just one part of the equation and not everything. 

This is where many people make mistakes thinking that all they have to do is to put the right hashtags. That is just not enough.

If you want to be on the “For You page”, you should be producing heck of good content with tons of value, and also having your SEO in order as well. 

Now you know that the algorithm has access to the number of engagements on the clip and its data, audio, elements, and such.  Analyzing all this information decides which group of people to recommend the video first. 

Once it does, it will analyze the result of the first cycle of recommendations and repeat it till the video either becomes hit like no other clip or just dies out. 

So, when you really think about it, every single clip uploaded onto TikTok will at some point die out, even the most viral ones after some time, though the duration is what you have some control over. 

That is why, focusing on your content and making it valuable, entertaining, etc. and most of all, to make sure to be on the ‘recommendation page’  can either break or make your career as a TikTokker. 

But there are ways to beat the algorithm into making it think like you have the best content.  Let us discuss this next.

How to beat TikTok algorithm

The know-how and understanding of how to beat TikTok algorithms is such high-demand information that if you knew how you could literally be making full-time income or more practicing and preaching those tips. 

We know how valuable information like this can be. And we decided to share it all with you for free. 

It doesn’t really matter if you are a wanna-be influencer or a business account. Just having this at the back of your mind will be enough to propel you in the correct direction. 

If you only focus on just a few things, you are already ahead of 90% of the people. Below are those few things;

  • Great content 
  • Frequent / persistent uploads
  • SEO Technicalities 

Let us break them all down For You.


We have mentioned the content a few times already throughout the piece. But we couldn’t focus on it even then. Since content is what makes the viewers rewatch, it is what makes them complete it till the end, and what makes them actually leave a like or comment. 

While this may seem obvious, it is. When you open your TikTok app, you see loads and loads of people creating content with bad quality, with bad introductions, without proper audio or music, etc.

Getting to be featured on the ‘For You page’ requires some effort and time. It is not enough to just be putting out content. Even the banalest, cliche concept that is almost as old as the internet itself states that having big tits and ass is enough, says you need to show their good angle.

In the same way if you are to produce content why not produce it with some material that is worth watching. 

If you go super niche, you might end up finding your audience regardless, but that won’t be enough to get you on the ‘For You page’. 

The best and the easiest way is to actually produce high-quality, value-driven content that brings views, followers, and more. 

How you do that is something that you need to find, but one simple tip to making it easier is perhaps, to learn to think as if you were the one watching your content. 

Would you watch it till the end, and perhaps rewatch it and share it with others?

If you ask this question every time before you post, and the answer is yes, you are likely making at least good quality content. 

Frequency and persistency 

If you make high-quality content but just a few times a week. That is also not a good strategy for TikTok. As you know TikTok is heavily periodic. It focuses on trends and challenges. The platform doesn’t literally have a single ever-green content. 

Well, perhaps that is going overboard. But it is very close to the truth that TikTok’s clips come and go quickly. 

If you are trying to become a TikTokker, then you should be posting 4-8 times a day without any question. 

You should do this every single day of your life until you decide that TikTok is not For You. You can surely post more videos or a bit less. But at least a few a day is like a golden rule of TikTok.

Because people look at their TikTok app multiple times a day and spend about an hour in general. If you have more than one good piece of content, they surely wouldn’t mind watching it. 

However, if you show up every now and then unless your content is like viral that sticks  and reminds in the memory of the person watching. 

You are not likely to get on the ‘For You page’.  But if you keep showing up with bad content,  this works even worse, and you end up losing the few viewers you have. 

That is why these three tips to beat the TikTok algorithm work well together and are interdependent on each other. If you do one, you must follow it up with the other.

SEO Technicalities 

When it comes to SEO technicalities, we could talk about hashtags, keywords, titles, thumbnails, music, songs, etc and so much more. But the most important information on this topic is widely available on the internet and on our site. 

We can’t go deeper into details about all those, but we must reiterate the importance of those technicalities. Therefore we decided to write a paragraph about it.

They help the algorithm understand your clips better, and help you get on the ‘For You page’. So, whether you read about it here, or on another blog, you should have a good hashtag strategy, and include keywords, and don’t forget about cross-platform promotions and other SEO techniques on TikTok. 

Final Thoughts 

Having the TikTok algorithm exposed was not an easy undertaking. Nevertheless, we hope we delivered on it. 

You have surely encountered some tips that have never been given out by anyone ever before, and perhaps, saw a few that you may have some idea about. 

But if you stick to what you learn today, follow every piece of advice, and understand how the TikTok algorithm gets clips on the ‘For You page’. You are guaranteed to get there easily with almost every single post you create. 

Also, remember to make great content and be persistent for content is what matters more than anything else on today’s competitive social media platforms.