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Top 10 Most Liked TikTok Videos in 2021 [New Creators]

Are you here to see the top 10 most liked TikTok videos in 2021? We are here to list them all so you can check them right away. 

But before we get to the titles, you may wonder how influencers get millions of likes, right? Skip over to the video titles if that’s not the question you want to get the answer for.

Thus, we have added a brief overview of the 3 emerging TikTok influencers who never fail to impress, the niche, the content, and some of the techniques used to get more likes on TikTok. This should give you an idea of what made other users like their videos and perhaps, compose your own recipe for going viral.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Most Liked TikTok Creators and How They Get Likes 

Obviously, there are more talented creators than we can list, but the new creators with the most number of likes on their 2021 TikTok videos are as follows.

#1 Granny Cachita from Spain 

@cacha.7.griselda, whose actual name is Cachita, is a lively 60-year-old from Spain with 2.8 million followers and 37.8 million likes! The best part, Cacha has uploaded her best-known TikTok POV video in July 2021, which makes us wonder how she got so many TikTok likes and fans in just 6 months?! Not your average granny, huh? Yes, the POV is on our top 10 most liked TikTok videos (scroll down for details 😉).

The profile is somewhat controversial and even weird for some with lots of stickers and filters used. Otherwise, rather ordinary content with an average of 20 – 30 thousand views, Cachita’s “Trap de Amarela” video makes her stand out. As well as her respected age, of course. Though it is not clear if Cacha has ever used any service offering free TikTok likes, she seems to be the kind of creator who posts 5 – 8 videos a week, likes and responds to her commenters, and does not take herself seriously. 

#2 Tik Toker Jarnoth

Ok, has been on TikTok since May of 2020 quickly growing his likes and followers count, the major breakthrough did not come until the end of September when a video titled “Wow o wow” went viral with the puppet literally ripping off 1.6 million hearts. Yet the absolute record that made the Tik Toker known to the world came out in January of 2021 with the number of hearts 14 times (!) of that.

[Hint] The video is undoubtedly on top of our most liked TikTok videos and is discussed below. 

Jarnoth’s content may not be the kind of content that every TikToker could create(after all not everyone has a puppet, right). Yet, he is a good example of how daily uploads (almost) and trending music could get more likes on TikTok. Given his niche and the number of followers, he most likely has no idea of liker apps or any likes generator websites.

#3 Joy animator from Germany

@kubenjoy, a 3D animator from Germany, has managed to get 2.6 million followers and nearly 34 million TikTok likes with just … 23 videos! Needless to say, the talented animator’s first TikTok video was uploaded in February of 2021 and since then, the profile has only swelled in the number of likes. Well, 34 million likes may not be the most number of likes on a profile but taking the number of views into account that’s 1.5 million TikTok likes per 1 video

Yeah, animating the alien is a thing on TikTok. Because the video views are distributed evenly and the creator has over 2 million followers we assume the likes came in organically without the use of any software or free likes generator. While not prolific in terms of video creation in comparison with other creators, Kuben still tries to adhere to weekly uploads, although initially, he struggled to upload content and went silent for months at a time. 

😎   Drop down the comment if you want us to write a separate blog post and analyze more influencers and their profiles on TikTok.

Most Liked TikTok Videos You Should Watch Now [Top 10]

Now let’s see what videos went viral on TikTok in 2021. The videos are presented in the order with the most liked TikToks at the top, along with a few emotional rumblings from the PubTok editors team compiling the list.

Rather than focusing on the creators who posted these viral videos, we zero in on the videos and what possibly made them viral. Note, there are infinitely more most liked TikTok videos than is possible to include in this list 🙂

#1 Trap de Amarela (31M likes) 🇪🇸

Well, strictly speaking, this video from creator @cacha.7.griselda is untitled and only the #foryoupage hashtags appear in the description. Despite this, within weeks of its release, Cacha’s POV video which uses the popular Trap de Amarela track has gone viral. Some say that a video is a parody of the “niceee” backgrounds and “teeny” content other creators upload using the sound. 

In it, lip-syncing Cacha replicates the wild dance moves in her own backyard. The laundry drying in the open air and the brick wall are all the basic decorations of the recording. The epic fall when a woman tries to swing on the washing rope, however, is the culmination that is worthy of the “most liked TikTok video 2021” title. 

Not only that but her respected age and petite physique have possibly contributed to the number of likes on this video and profile.

#2 Drawing with eggs (27.4 M likes) 🇻🇳

Yes, TikTok folks are all talented, passionate, artistic, etc. we got that! But hardly anyone could come up with something as unique as … drawing with eggs.

In truth, creating realistic portraits of Marvel characters and celebrities using everything from cards to paper cups to eggs is not new for Vietnamese artist Nguyễn Văn Mỹ known as @vietmyusa on TikTok. In the video, the idea to draw a portrait of another famous TikToker Khaby Lame comes to 𝐕𝐢𝐞̣̂𝐭 𝐌𝐲̃ when watching Lame’s video involved an egg. 

He then uses some sort of spread or butter to draw the face on the pan, cracking the egg afterward and putting it on the stove. As the pan heats and Lame’s face emerges, so does the number of likes on the video. Not surprisingly, uploaded on the 6th of May 2021, My’s egg-drawing video has over 27 million likes by the end of the year and tops dozens of most liked TikTok videos 2021 lists.

Interestingly, Khabane has also reacted and commented on My’s video and the two have a few more duets together.

#3 My Food is Gone reaction video (26.2 M likes) tie

Who Else Thinks Zain Nailed (26.2 M likes)

We should have announced one video per place, but that is impossible with these two equally great and most liked TikTok videos. So, the third place is shared by a talented dog, a naive toddler, and his loving Mama.


Watch till the end. His reaction made me so sad 🥺❤️Too cute

♬ original sound – Kellie Louise

Kid reaction videos as well as dog tricks are nothing new on TikTok. Yet, we can’t help but laugh our lungs out seeing a toddler’s genuine surprise and disappointment when a mother serves an empty plate and asks for where the food is. Puzzled, the child responds that it’s gone and a moment later hesitating adds that it’s okay.

No longer sabotaging her child, the sad Mom promises to bring the kid another plate and the video ends. 

For Kellie Luise under the username, @_dailysmiles_ TikTok seems to be a way of sharing her kid growing up with the world that formed into a family account with more baby news and life updates in 2021.

The other video titled “Who else thinks Zain nailed this challenge” comes from the creator named @kelly_bovi. Yes, another smart #dogoftiktok account with 5 million followers and over 60 million likes!

Although there are far better-known dog influencers like Jiff Pom or Miso Ara, it is Zain who steals the show this time. A video has been viewed over 180 million times and its number of likes has surpassed 26 million, and counting. 

The most liked TikTok videos in 2021

Clearly, there would be more who think a clever dog has N-A-I-L-E-D dance moves as some commenter even admits that the dog has better footwork than him”. 

#4 Turning into an animal (24 M likes)

Another video that made its way from African safari to the most liked TikTok videos list was uploaded by the user @emma.cxmpbell who goes by the name Emma. Raw in its nature and unsophisticated, this TikTok features a magnificent walk of the lion on the side of the road and in between parked cars.

A viral video most liked on TikTok in 2021

Knowing he is filmed from inside the cars, the lion seems unconcerned though making his way through the crowd. In its Hollywood fashion with nicely tuned music, it may resemble a red carpet walk of another blockbuster sensation.  

“A normal girl who went to a safari park once, Emma has gone silent after her wedding in August of 2021. Yet swelling with 280 million views and 24 million likes a video seemingly lives its own life separate from the creator. 

#5 They be doing too much – (23.9 M likes)

This is one of the kinds of videos that involve the never-ending parent-child dialogue and could easily top the most liked TikTok videos 2021 list. A video is from the 21-year-old emerging influencer known as Niane who has 1.6 million followers and 47 million likes on TikTok.

A talented actor, without any makeup or dress, Niane plays his mother and gets a million hearts. His mimics and gestures are performed at a Hollywood level as he comically argues his orientation when a mother catches him applying a lip balm. Anyways, just like they say about Paris – “once see and die”. 

#6 Rube Goldberg machine replicated (23.5 M likes) 

You may or may not know the actual inventor of the machine named after him, Rube Goldberg, an American cartoonist who began to draw complex machines aimed to perform simple tasks like watering a plant or peeling an orange, etc. Since the 1920s the idea has lived in the cartoons, on YouTube, and recently on TikTok.

One such video from the user @patrickhanson17 has easily made its way into the hundreds of TikTok compilations as well as the most liked TikTok videos list. Uploaded in July of 2020 it has now surpassed 320.4 million views and 23.5 million likes, turning Patrick into a star. The best part is that a video does not have any title having a bunch of descriptive hashtags like #trickshot, #rubegoldberg, #pingpong instead. Despite just 37 videos, all of the same Goldberg machine genres, the creator has 4 million followers and over 38 million likes in total. 

The infamous Rube Goldberg's machine is among the most liked TikTok videos in 2021

So, what’s so different about his overwhelmingly liked TikTok? Recorded during quarantine time amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and features a ping pong ball, domino blocks, a metal ruler, helium, a volleyball and basketball balls, woodblocks, toy cars, a helicopter, and a wall of red paper cups. The culmination is when the ping pong falls right into the cup with water.

It is not only the precision and the trajectory where one action activates the other, but also the sounds the ping pong ball generates as it touches different surfaces and things. 

#7 Yes, I want! (22.7 M likes)

The original title of the video is “Ja ich will!” which is translated from German as “Yes, I want”. Uploaded on January 15, 2021 by the user, the video quickly grew in popularity peaking at 207.1 million views and 22.7 million TikTok likes by the end of the year. 

In its sense, one of the most liked TikTok videos of 2021 is spooky partially due to the piercing stare and the mimic of the puppet and partially because of its unemotional creator fixated on the puppet’s every move. During this short video, we see him commanding the puppet dressed in blue to breathe in and out, and a series of unnatural head and torso rotations as well as the epic maneken jaw-dropping breath-out.

The video not only is rich in likes but the number of comments is also significant – over 625 thousand users have reacted to the puppetry at its best so far. Almost all of them, freakishly giving the credit to the creator and its work. There are at least half a dozen popular videos created by Yet with just 10 million + views hardly any of them could ever rival the “Yes, I want” popularity.

#8 Worlds largest elephant toothpaste (18.7 M likes)

If you are a fan of the ex-Viner and TikTok influencer Zach King, you may like another sci trick master – Nick Uhas. The elephant toothpaste tricks are not particularly new and famous influencers like King or Dobrik have replicated the experiment dozens of times. 

Worlds largest elephant toothpaste in viral TikTok

This time, though it is Nick who claims the spot among the creators with the most liked TikTok videos 2021. 

A former aggressive inline skater and YouTuber, Nick is also known for being a popular TV show host and TikTok creator. His early interest in science has led him to receive a degree in Biology from Ohio State University. 

In the video with the uncommon “World’s largest elephant toothpaste experiment” title, Uhas tags @daviddobrik as his co-creator. For those who don’t know how elephant toothpaste works, it is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and coloring, which creates a giant fountain of foam when added together.

The reason it is called elephant toothpaste is that the stream of foam pouring out of the container resembles the toothpaste coming out of the tube when squeezed. The last known elephant toothpaste explosion documented in the Guinness World Records official website was created by Fletcher Rollinson, Mark Rober, and 4 others from the U.S. as of August of 2020. And the previous toothpaste record of 2019 belonged to Manual do Mundo from Brazil.

How true it is that Nick Uhas’ experiment is “the largest” is hard to tell as no measurements are given. What is clear is that the elephant toothpaste is virally loved by the TikTokers and adds nearly 19 million likes to the creator’s profile.

#9 I got into trouble last night (11.2 M likes)

Remember the joy animator we mentioned above? The one video we have included on this most liked TikTok videos list is “I got into trouble last night with the popos” which has 11.2 million likes at the time of writing.


I got into trouble last night with the popos👽👮🚔. #fyp #fy #fypシ #animation #trend

♬ Originalton – KUBenjoy

The video features the animated alien character who is cornered by the policeman against the brick wall. Released in October of 2021, it has accumulated nearly 85 million views in just 3 months. The user @kubenjoy seems to upload the masterpieces of 3D animation since only 3 of his 23 videos have less than 1 million views. Impressively, the average number of views Joy’s videos get is between 3 and 5 million views.

#10 Roni does another TikTok #dance (10.8 M likes)

And who does not know Roni, a fun cartoon character animated in flipbooks? 

An emerging TikTok influencer Edward under the username @edjcontreras is most likely the best cartoonists on TikTok that has uploaded 192 flipbook videos in total, including the Roni dance videos so loved by the public/

He even has a few duet videos where the cartoon girl born in the flipbook is syncing her dance moves with the real world Charli Damelio. There are also Christian and animal flipbooks in the videos, however, the videos with Roni get more likes and views than all others. 

As is clear from the title of one of the most liked TikTok videos in 2021, this is not the first time Roni dances in front of the public. The character is first introduced back in January of 2020 in the video showing Roni giving his heart to his crush. Following it, the next few of the videos continue to feature Roni’s day-to-day life until the creator shifts his focus to the animal flipbooks. 

Roni’s first dance record happened in June of 2020 when 34 million users saw and 3.9 million liked the character dancing. In July of that same year, Roni made an epic comeback with “some more dance moves” and beat his previous record with 89 million views and over 9 million likes. 

Roni’s next record, and the one on PubTok’s most liked TikTok videos list, does not come up until the end of 2021. Roni’s December release with the Belly Dancer, Bonanza music has already been watched 122.7 million times and liked almost 11 million times in a little over 3 weeks time!

Honorary mention – Enjoy the ride (2.7 M likes)

After the videos with 10 million likes and over, 2.7 million may seem like a drop in the ocean. Why would we even bother to include, or rather mention another video with significantly fewer likes in our list of the most liked TikTok videos 2021?

most liked TikTok videos in 2021 - honorary mention

The reason is to prove that any creator no matter however small his follower count is could go viral and get millions of likes on TikTok. 

The user who uploaded the “Enjoy the ride” video, @therockrunner, has just 21 thousand followers and only 2 videos with the first one being watched over 8 million times!

Other than the underwater settings and the rock, the video is a regular one of a diver. A part of its success most likely is owned to the #adultswim hashtag which skillfully ties the late-night nostalgia of the 2000s.   

Ever heard of the Adult Swim alternative TV programming? Check out the hashtag on TikTok and you will see how many are watching it – 6.3 billion views to be exact.

Wrapping It All Up

Whether you are a talented artist, a skilled dancer, a dedicated Mom, a smart K9 owner, or a science nerd, TikTok proves getting millions of TikTok likes on your video is within reach. And neither the age nor the circumstances you are in should define you. 

How would otherwise all these passionate creators and emerging influencers on TikTok boast they have their content among the most liked TikTok videos of 2021? While for many TikTokers a journey to get their video viral took just a few months, it has come through a hard work of creativity and imagination to create a unique pitch.

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