Ruchi Shah

Dr. Ruchi Shah is a Homeopath and a Naturopath by profession and a full time artist by soul.
For Dr Ruchi, art is a way of life, an expression of life. The concept, theme and colours she uses heals the artist and also the one enjoying it. She underscores every colour and form has its own story and energy that heals all in its vicinity; directly or indirectly. A white light is composed of all the seven colours and whole life is encompassed in it. Every living and non living being is a collection of energies of different frequencies in different permutations and combinations and that is how everything becomes unique. Deformity occurs only when there is imbalance in these perfect set universal balance!

Through her paintings, Dr Ruchi tries to explore the spiritual realm……


Two hands of yin and yang – represent love, intimacy and support. The feather represents love cupid, white colour of feather stands for purity and strokes of seven colours of rainbow in the feather indicate completeness. The background is pinkish purple which means everything is rosy in love.


Many hands and minds together working in tandem take the team towards a larger goal and chieve success for one and all. Collective energy of individuals come together in form of multiple hands to make a single brain.

The sunflower shows that a motivated team led in the direction of energy source-Sun can give a ray of hope, light and enlighten all involved in professional, personal and spiritual journeys. The Background- purple-pink indicates vastness of universe where possibilities are unlimited and great things can be achieved with teamwork.


The spiritual work for the living beings is assisted by the angelic realm. Michael is the star or managing angel, here in my painting, the big multi-colour butterfly represents this star angel as it has all the attributes required, which is represented by all the seven colours of rainbow, the green butterfly is the healing angel Gabriel, which is present always wherever healing is going on.
The three hands – the middle hand is the sufferer and the two hands encompassing are the healer’s hands. A healer always has healing hands…