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VIRAHA (Separation)

A Cloud’s cry for his beloved Earth :
Miles apart, yet so close
how this love rose.
I can see you waiting for me
Your every call makes me weep.
Why this separation ??
I can’t help it if tears roll down my cheeks
This pain has turned me black inside out
This love has cleansed my soul and I am all tears now, waiting to touch you, dying to feel you, falling from the sky in your bosom.
I was drawn towards you as if you were pulling my every atom by an inexplicable force.
And now I am in your arms flowing all over you. Your touch, it evokes a distant memory of us being together.
With you, I feel as if I am complete yet I couldn’t recognize myself.
You have changed me.
I have changed you.
Is this the fate of every lover to lose his identity to meet the beloved?

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Viraha by Suryabhan Meravi

size – 30×48 inches
Medium – Oil Colors

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