7 Chakras


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Each crystal is a healing crystal of the relative chakra.(except the third eye chakra).  Crown(above top of Your head) Your connection to the divine, universe & soul- Fully opening Your crown will help u feel more spiritually connected & strengthens Your ability to work with spirit visualizing an opening above Your head with white light into Your body helps open Your crown  Third Eye(between Your eyebrows) Intuition & psychic sense- Opening Your Third eye fully will help u receive clearer intuitive messages & visions. Bringing Your awareness up to Your third eye when Your eyes are meditation helps stimulate & open Your third eye.  Throat(center of Your neck) Communication & personal truth- Cleaning & opening Your throat chakra helps you speak Your truth clearly ask for what you need. Also helps with truth & clearly ask for what you need. Also helps with writing & public speaking. Any type of vocal or breathing exercises help stimulate the energy in Your throat.  Heartlove & relationship Your ability to give & receive love as well as log Yourself. Your heart chakra often gets blocked due to loss, regret & resentment. Imagining Your heart center opening like a lotus flower & sending green light out from Your heart helps open & clean Your heart  Solar plexus(above 2″ Your belly button) Confidence & personal power Fuels Your motivation & ambition to Your goal often gets clogged from controlling relationships & low self-esteem. Visualizing a yellow ball of light like small plexus helps clear & open it  Sacral(about 2″ below Your belly button) Emotions, creativity, sexuality & self-expression Clearing & expanding Your sacral chakra helps Your emotions flow more freely, heightens Your creativity & helps you fully express Your time unique self. Often the sacral chakra is clogged due to pent up emotions or any type of trauma or abuse. Visualizing a ball of orange light swirling in this area helps get the energy moving & unblock old stuck emotions  Root(tailbone) Your power base determines Your ability to feel safe secure and grounded as well as the ability to have and keep money in Your life. Your root forms from birth to 2yrs of age. Imagining a grounding cord coming from Your root & connecting into mother earth helps stimulate & clear Your root.

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7 Chakras by Dhananshree Manjare (Pune)

24″ x 34″ inches, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

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