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Does Buying TikTok Followers Help You Grow? Experiments & Tips

If you are wondering whether or not buying TikTok followers is worth the money you pay, you are not alone. We see this in user posts all-around social media: on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter.

Besides free TikTok followers, creators are also buying followers from various services, expressing satisfaction, surprise, disappointment, and content.

What is more important, TikTokers share tips on how to maximize your account growth on TikTok, with or without TikTok buying followers. Because not all creators may be sharing real-life experiences.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

1. Biaheza

Source: YouTube channel “Baheza”                          Experiment results: neutral

Credibility score: 8.5/10                                           Time relevance: 18 months ago

Speaking of buying TikTok followers experiment it is impossible not to mention a popular YouTuber, and now, TikToker, Biaheza. His video titled “Buying TikTok Followers Experiment | What Happens??” is one of the first videos appearing in both YouTube and Google search results when searching for experiments of such kind.

In his video Baheza discusses two TikTok services from where he bought his followers, briefly touches on the quality of them and the interesting patterns he notices, and 

The total number of followers Baheza initially planned to buy was 5 000, with 2500 coming from one of the two and 2500 from another, but things do not always go as we expect. Hardly surprising, huh? His payment got canceled on the first two services he tried, and so he then decided to buy 1000 followers on TikTok from the third service. 

The budget spent when buying TikTok followers is around  $26.91 USD.

Discussing delivery Baheza checks up on some of the profiles and points out that 99% of them have profile pictures and admits that this time they are “different” from his previous video where he bought fake Instagram accounts. 

The verdict: Buying TikTok followers can be good if followers have avatars, and posts of their own, but it may also have a negative impact if the algorithm discovers the truth. 

Additional tips: You should carefully consider where you are going to buy TikTok followers, your maximum budget, and how fast (or slow) you want the delivery to be.

2. Josh Kapranos

Source: YouTube channel “Josh Kapranos”                           Experiment results: positive

Credibility score: 5.5/10                                                        Time relevance: 18 months ago

Josh Kapranos is a quite popular YouTuber with over 100k subscribers on his channel who also jumped into experimenting with buying TikTok followers. 

A video titled “I Bought Fake Views / Followers For TikTok & It Actually Worked…” despite its obvious title, expresses positive results when Josh buys some followers together with 10k views and gets them.

To buy those 800 followers Josh first deposits the money, and then chooses the services from the drop-down menu. The number of followers he orders is 800. Ultimately his spending budget of $20 was higher than he intended amount of followers and views and did have the remaining $4 or close to it on the balance. 

The delivery of views lasts for a few hours and Josh checks up on the count in the morning. Interestingly, the number of followers he purchased while filming a video has changed slightly by about half of the followers he ordered.

The verdict: If you are wondering if you could actually get followers on TikTok, you do. The only thing that matters is where you get them from. 

Additional tips: Because Josh has quite a following on YouTube, his experiment video has amassed over 30k views. We find that video as a bit old since no @joshkapranosyt mentioned in a video can actually be found on TikTok today. The truth is you don’t want to sound a little too excited about buying TikTok followers when you are, well, known to some users. 

3. Brady Rupert

Source: YouTube channel “Brady Rupert”                            Experiment results: positive

Credibility score: 8/10                                                         Time relevance: 4.5 months ago

Looking at his “experiment” video, you wouldn’t find Brady Rupert incredibly fun, amusing, or the most insightful out of all creators, but let’s give him credit for explaining how the TikTok algorithm works and sharing results on how buying followers work on TikTok. His credibility score also reflects the freshness of the experiment, the views and subscribers he gets, and his presence on TikTok. 

Despite having just 11.5k followers Brady gets over 15k views in 4 months, which shows that many users are looking to buy TikTok followers and check up on others who tried before buying.

The title of his video is quite simple and short “Buying TikTok Followers (Is it Worth it?)”. In his video experiment Brady shows on camera how he purchased 5000 followers for $60 USD.For his experiment Bradly uses another account with no posts or followers, and not his primary one. 

In about two days he checks up on his profile followers to find out that only a few have arrived (600 out of his 5k). But “the good thing” about this slow delivery is his video getting views on its own. So, Brady is satisfied with the initial results despite his concern for slow delivery.

The total budget he spent on buying TikTok followers was $60, but he also bought 100k views which amounted to a total of $85 USD. Again, the views were slow but a video actually managed to get 1.1k views organically. 

The verdict: Buying TikTok followers can be helpful in getting initial approval of the TikTok algorithm and may add up to the overall views count. Depending on where you buy them, of course. There is no such thing as buying instant TikTok followers when choosing a service. Some of them may send 1000 bots a minute, but not the ones that would stay on your account. Remember the saying “easy come easy go”? So, that seems to be true.

Additional tips: Yet wondering should I buy TikTok followers? Go check your pockets! Buying decent quality followers that could help you grow is not cheap, it could cost as much as $60 dollars or more. 

4. CapitalTycoon

Source: YouTube channel “CapitalTycoon”                  Experiment results: negative

Credibility score: 5.5/10                                             Time relevance: 3 months ago

The last on this list is Capital Tycoon with his recent video named “I bought TikTok followers, Here’s what happened…(Kinda worked). A creator with 13k YouTube subscribers has managed to gain over 5k views in a little less than 3 months. Do you see the pattern here? Seemingly, everyone is growing more interested in buying TikTok followers and more videos like this, even from smaller channels, get viewed recently.

Because CapytalTycoon’s video is one of the freshest videos discussing TikTok followers’ experiment we couldn’t help but land it here on this list of explorers. Just like other creators on this list, Tycoon has previously done a video on buying Instagram followers and now reviewing TikTok services. He tries to buy TikTok followers for a completely new TikTok account. 

The target in his own words is “big 10k followers”.

Tycoon reviews two websites buying an equal number of followers from both services. The reasons for such a split are reliability and credibility concerns. “Because the 5k is the maximum on one of the websites, buying 10k from the same provider you may not get the amount in full” as the creator explains. 

His planned budget goes over $180 USD for 10k followers. Surely one of the most expensive experiments on this list and deserves our credit. The tycoon also reviews the profiles of followers he received paying attention to their own number of followers and posts, crashing the services for sending bots.

The verdict: While you can actually buy followers on TikTok and have a better-looking profile, you should not expect them to view, share, or like your videos. 

Additional tips: Not necessarily those accounts are all bots, but a lot of them are. So, watch out for fake followers and test them on newer accounts first (if you have one, of course).

How we calculated the credibility rating of creators

The credibility is based on how fresh a video is, its number of views, the number of subscribers on the channel, and the creator’s own presence on TikTok. 

Because it is a subject to personal preference and past experience, we do not factor in how satisfied or dissatisfied the creator is with the results when deciding to buy TikTok followers. The attitude is captured in a separate subsection we discuss in this post – experiment results.

All the TikTok followers experiments accumulated a total score between 1 and 10 according to the following grades:

When a video has been released:

  1. 12-18 months ago – 1.0 points
  2. 11 – 6 months ago – 2.0 points
  3. 5 -1 months ago – 2.5  points

The number of views buying TikTok followers experiment received:

  1. 100k views & more – 2.5  points
  2. 99k – 30k views – 2.0 points
  3. 29k – 1k views – 1.0 points

The number of channel subscribers:

  1. 25k and over subscribers – 2.5  points
  2. 24k – 10k subscribers – 2.0 points
  3. less than 10k subscribers – 1.0 points

Have an account on TikTok:

  1. Yes – 2.5 points
  2. No – 0 points

From here you see that popular TikTok creators are not likely to disclose if they buy 1000 followers on TikTok, or not at all. Even if they do, they are not quite serious about buying followers since neither of them showed much thought in choosing the service.

Buying TikTok Followers – The Verdict

Taking everything into account, buying TikTok followers makes sense only when you want to grow on TikTok and are struggling to gain any followers. On the other hand, when you are just curious if that “buying” things work and do not intend to upload good quality content, it does not matter if you buy 1000 followers on TikTok or just 10. 

The obvious reasons for real TikTok followers are:

  • account credibility;
  • better post visibility;
  • visible growth in numbers;
  • more chances of attracting viewers;
  • a chance to sell your account later on;

That is it for our experiment reviews. 

Now is time for you to run the experiment 😉

You can also read a blog post on the TikTok 0 Views problem, which answers the question “Why zero views”.  

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